Doglets in Gisborne

It’s been a while, and Poppy is a real matriarch now, fully retired… Honey from her first litter is now firmly in our hearts, a mature and responsive adorer of both of us, and our flatmates here at Appletree Haven, and Anna our daughter, her owner until the baby Bruno kept waking at her shrill alarm barks, which do come unexpectedly! But just look at her cuteness – zoom in to see!


More photos of gisborne and doglets follow. We hope your own babies are safe happy and loving you to bits…

Looking through I wasn’t really surprised to find our two feature in about half of the photos. 🙂


this is Coby, Anna’s partner’s dog, old and diabetic, now gone to meet his Maker. But the shared dog ownership was partly what brought Anna and Marco together, so Coby (indirectly) brought these little darlings into this world. 🙂

015 034 035 072 017 018 090 113 115 023 024 025 026 030

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Daring doglet dives in

A new video from the day before we drove Tui down to the Museum to meet his new ‘owner’… What a brave wee baby, didn’t think he had it in him, he’s such a gentle wee thing…

20140523_093634 20140526_095841

On right: the day Tui departed I had to go to Jolt cafe so the girls there could say good bye… They love our puppies. There’s a dog-friendly enclosure for dog owners at Jolt – great idea!

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Tui’s morning adventure

Tui being the last to find a home, I took these photos for the lady who wanted some and also for anyone else who loves doglets and morning rambles in misty fields!

The ramble took place behind the Barn, in the fields of my sister Rosie Boom of the Barn Chronicles fame… Her six children have played in these fields and had adventures recounted in the books. Now it was our ‘children’, Poppy the mum, Honey the big sister from 3 years ago or so, Leone the sister who is reserved for a keen buyer, and Tui himself, the slightly bold adventurer…

He is lured out by camera-wielding peter… The difficulty is always to get them not to run straight up to the camera…


peter throws him into wheelbarrow to solve said problem…

20140520_082950 20140520_082956

He finds a ‘message’ from another dog, and plays in the woodchips with sister

20140520_083028 20140520_083049

He hesitates to follow into the dewy fields, then runs for the camera in a blur…


The Big Log is explored, and Tui goes boldly into the dark Hollow…

20140520_083640 20140520_083645 20140520_083649 20140520_083654 20140520_084119

Then Honey gives him a bit of a lesson in big dog rough and tumble…

20140520_084248 20140520_084508 20140520_084510

Finally, back to bed to dry off and sleep until the next romp. It’s a dog’s life!



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Only Leone

This is for a Leone fan – enjoy!

20140517_092943 leone on bed b leone on bed leone on topsoil leone running leone wanting down babies with leaf

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Coffee foam scrounging and other activities

The puppies are on the rampage! Learning in leaps, bounds, licks and bites…

They know how to ‘SIT’ for food now. In this case, my morning tea toast…

they know how to sit for food

They know how to scrounge for food in bowls and cups. In this case, my coffee foam and dregs…

coffee scrounging

puppy scrounging coffee foam

They know how to get into boxes and baskets…

tui in basket



And they know how to look plaintive when they want something…

leone wanting down

And how to play in gardens…


All in all, we will miss them when they go… and love the peace!

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A video of the litter playing at 8 weeks

All for sale, all keen to love and be loved!

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A video of slightly trapped puppies

This was a week or two ago – no puppies were harmed, and it wasn’t a setup!

<iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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The whole brood named and sitting up nicely

Well this gives a better idea of their sundry features at five weeks old. Three weeks more and then out they go to loving homes, we hope and trust! See the listing on Trademe:

nikabrik 16 04 14

Boy. One of the two browny boys, mid-sized. Sometimes scratches at wire to get back into den after rough and tumbles.  Was Blackbeard. Nikabrik was a blackbearded dwarf in Prince Caspian.

leone 14 4 14

Girl. Earliest developer – teeth all through, she’s bigger than all but Tui. Lovely soft thick coat, affectionate and confident, last back to bed often.

OwliverB 14 4 14

Boy. Named for his owl-like white eyebrows. A delightful little puppy.

sooty 15 4 14 copy

Girl. Smallest, very cute face, playful and becoming feisty though no match for Leone or Tui.

Sweep 15 4 14

Boy. Charming playful middle-sized. Some white markings underneath.

Tui 15 4 14


Boy. Biggest equal with Leone. Confident but vocal when unsure. Stands tall, often the first to wake and peer out of the den.

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the whole brood – passport pics

This morning I transported them in a carton up to the bed for a good look at who we have… Here they all are. Names are evolving.

IMG_9946 IMG_9948 IMG_9950

Tui – this one’s a boy, last brood had a girl with this very marking under chin like a tui



This little boy is… Now Sweep







This boy is now Blackbeard…?


IMG_9953sSooty…Tiniest -a girl with a short muzzle and prominent lower lip..from the cavaliers part of her lineage


Leone the lioness. She’s the biggest baby. Lovely thick coat and markings. Almost tiger-like when born – so she still could be Tigger…no Leone has stuck.



Owliver, or Ruru (Maori for Morepork, owl) Big white bushy eyebrows.

All have eyes open now. a bit over 2 weeks. All walking a bit, sometimes yipping and there are signs of playfighting – already!

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Poppy protects

Well their first day in the barn was a storm – luckily not as severe as warnings made us fear. Barn only shook a little. Poppy is obsessive about protecting her babies – she gets off the ‘nest’ – now under a chair and off my Subaru jacket – for a few moments, sometimes on our bed. But the second we make a move towards them, she races to get in front of them, head down ready to protect with all her teeth… Though she doesn’t actually growl at US – just at her baby-from-another-litter. Honey gets attacked almost at random. This morning hearing baring I went up to the garret and saw that honey was right under the bed where poppy can’t easily go, being taller.

So, a photo or two – babies are divided into the two tigers, the brown otter, and the three black panters – i mean panthers! They all squeak now, loud enough to wake us at night. Soon we’ll shift them to under the stairs.

poppy on st patricks day under chairfirst shot with puppies aloneall puppies almost shown

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